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2019 Campaign Manual



Table of Contents

Cobb Chamber Overview
Membership Campaign Overview
Important Dates
Campaign Responsibilities
Teams and Goals
New Membership Sales
Credit Guidelines
Print and Website Advertising
Overcoming Objections


Cobb Chamber Overview

The Cobb Chamber of Commerce represents the diverse, dynamic business community of Cobb County. The Cobb Chamber is a member-supported business organization working to maintain a healthy economy by bringing business and industry to the area and helping established firms grow.

The Cobb Chamber has more than 2,400 member companies representing large and small, domestic and international businesses.

As one of the most influential business advocacy organizations in Georgia, our goal is to strengthen our economy and quality of life so businesses and the community can achieve more.

To do this, we focus our resources and efforts in four main areas:

  • Creating jobs and driving economic development
  • Strengthening the community and the region
  • Growing member businesses and nurturing leadership
  • Connecting businesses, government and community

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Membership Campaign Overview

Purpose: To finance new and existing Cobb Chamber programs and services

Goal: To raise $819,000+ and bring in 200 new members

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Important Dates


  • Refresh knowledge of all of the programs and services the Chamber offers to be able to relay to prospective
  • Invite your members who are up for campaign renewal to revisit why they joined (especially if they
    have not attended one or there is a new decision maker)
  • Network with the other members who attend
  • Enjoy a complimentary lunch!

*Please RSVP to Elizabeth McMahon if you plan to attend at
*Can only attend one for training. Can attend additional if your renewals are coming.


  • Understand how campaign works
  • Listen to best practices and testimonials from seasoned volunteers
  • Learn about the Chamber’s onboarding and retention plan for members
  • Hear about the changes for the 2019 campaign


  • Bring membership prospects to hear testimonials that will highlight the value of membership
  • Network opportunity for prospects to meet key leaders
  • Enjoy a nice breakfast!

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Campaign Responsibilities


  • Select Campaign Leadership Committee
  • Lead Campaign check-ins and Victory Celebration
  • Report to the Chamber Board of Directors
  • Set and achieve Campaign goals
  • Recruit corporate teams to join the Campaign
  • Support the Campaign Leadership Committee and all Campaign volunteers
  • Work with Chamber staff to conduct Campaign training sessions
  • Have fun!


  • Assist Team Executives and Team Captains in setting their Campaign goal
  • Recruit corporate teams to join the Campaign
  • Work with your company team to achieve team goal
  • Work with other Campaign teams to achieve their team goals
  • Manage team production by:
    - Contacting and working with assigned team leaders on a regular basis
    - Actively encouraging Executive involvement
    - Attending Leadership Committee meetings
    - Attending Team meetings when needed
  • Participate in Campaign kick-off, check-ins and victory celebration
  • Have fun!


  • Set team goal with Campaign Leadership and your Team Captain
  • Recruit a Team Captain who will be given full responsibility for successfully meeting the team goal
  • Give Team Captain your full support and encouragement
  • Communicate to each team member your total support for the Campaign and Team Captain and encourage team members to do their very best
  • Support Team Captain and team members by providing internal incentives where appropriate
  • Participate in Campaign kick-off, check-ins and victory celebration with your team
  • Have fun!


  • Assist Team Executive with selecting team members
  • Commit to team goal
  • Ensure team commitment to team goal
  • Ensure 100 percent attendance at Campaign training sessions
  • Participate in and encourage team attendance at Campaign kick-off, check-ins and victory celebration
  • Attend Team Captains Mid-Point Meeting
  • Turn in Campaign reports by designated time
  • Provide support and motivation to team members throughout Campaign
  • Communicate progress regularly with Chamber staff and Campaign leadership
  • Accept team achievement awards (and challenges!)
  • Achieve team goal
  • Have fun!


  • Attend Campaign University and an ENGAGE Luncheon
  • Prospect and sell Chamber memberships and advertising
  • Meet the personal goal assigned to you by your Team Captain
  • Work with members of your team to meet the team's goal
  • Participate in Campaign kick-off, check-ins and victory celebration
  • Accept individual achievement awards for production
  • Have fun!


  • Work with Campaign Chairs and Leadership Committee to conduct training sessions for teams
  • Provide exposure, recognition and awards for your production
  • Make the Campaign Kick-off, Campaign parties and Victory Celebration lots of fun
  • 100 percent commitment and support
  • Have fun!

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Teams and Goals

  • Team dollar and new member goals are pre-determined by the Campaign Leadership Team in conjunction with the Team Captain and Team Executive. Minimum team goal is $5,000.
  • Teams may have one team captain for every $25,000 of their goal i.e. teams with a $75,000 goal may have three team captains.
  • Each team will commit to achieving its total goal production. There are no adjustments to goals or team captains after the Campaign begins.
  • All Team Captains who meet their team goal of $25,000 or more by the final turnin may earn "The Big Trip" in July. One team captain qualifies for each $25,000 in production
  • For teams with only one person acting as Team Captain, Team Executive and sole producer, if $18,000 in production is reached, they are eligible to go on the Big Trip as their only prize.
  • If the team captain can not go on the trip they cannot transfer their spot to someone else.

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Individual Prizes – At the Victory Celebration, you will receive your individual prize for production. These prizes range from trips to tickets for sporting events, electronics and gift certificates to various restaurants and stores.

The Big Trip! July 20-24, 2019

  • Join the Campaign Leadership and other community volunteers on a four night trip to all-inclusive resort Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera in Cancun, Mexico. Be ready for loads of fun! This is a wonderful opportunity to hang out with old and new friends alike – and there is plenty of time to do your own thing, too. The trip includes round-trip airfare, transfers, accommodations, taxes and fees for two.
  • Team members – Earn your spot by selling $16,000 in new members, eligible renewals (2017 & 2018), ads and ad renewals by June 18, 2019.  If you cannot go on the scheduled dates, you must choose another prize.
  • Individual Producers with over $16,0000:
    • $16,000 in production earns individuals a “Campaign Achievement Award” which will be given at Annual Dinner. 
    • $25,000 in individual production means you can choose a prize off the board in addition to receiving the Big Trip.
  • Team Captains – Earn your trip spot by meeting your team goal of $25,000 or more by the June 18 final turn-in.
    • You cannot choose the Big Trip as your prize for individual production, but you can choose another prize.
    • If you cannot go on the scheduled dates, you must forfeit the trip.
    • If a team has more than one team captain, one team captain qualifies for each $25,000 in production.
    • Top Producer of the overall campaign will receive an upgraded room on the trip.
    • For teams with only one person acting as Team Captain, Team Executive and sole producer, if $18,000 in production is reached, they are eligible to go on the Big Trip as their only prize.
  • Due to IRS regulations, all Big Trip attendees must receive a 1099 Form.

You can still win your spot on the BIG TRIP without producing $16,000!

  • Big Trip Individual Drawing – Anyone who sells at least three new members will have their name put in the Big Trip drawing, which will be awarded at the Final Celebration. Each new member after three will allow your name to go in the drawing additional time. Your name may go in the drawing as many times as you earn.
  • Big Trip Team Drawing – Teams with a goal of at least $10,000 but less than $25,000 who meet their $10,000 goal are also placed in a separate drawing, with the exeption of one person teams who make $18,000. One person from the team selected goes on the trip.
  • Stay tuned for more exciting ways to win the Big Trip!


New Membership Sales

It is crucial that you quote accurate fees. Refer to the membership dues information for proper quotes. No memberships under $400 will be accepted (unless Non-Profit or Sole Proprietors).

Remember: all memberships are being counted year-round!


  • Make sure new members fill out the application completely.
  • Obtain a CHECK payable to the Cobb Chamber or credit card information. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. If necessary, have the new member mail the check and application directly to the Chamber or complete the online application.
  • Determine the proper category where the business should be listed – refer to category listings on
  • Be sure to put YOUR name and company on the "Who helped you join?" line.


  • A letter of welcome from the President and CEO is sent to express our appreciation along with their membership decal, member ID and password, and cost savings information.
  • A welcome email is sent with the Member ID and password for the Members Only website section.
  • Each new member is invited to the next ENGAGE: a private event for members. At this event, they will meet other members and receive their member packet with program information.
  • The new member is placed on Georgia Trend and Chamber email distribution lists.
  • The new member will be added to the Membership Directory on our website,
  • A Chamber Ambassador will call the new member to help them take advantage of benefits.


Please notify the Chamber campaign staff if working on a prospect for membership or advertising.  Notes are kept in a database and if another volunteer inquires about the company, they will be told another volunteer is already speaking with them.  This does not mean that the Chamber staff can protect the prospect from being pursued by multiple volunteers.  Not all volunteers share information with the Chamber staff. The chamber’s goal is to not have potential members of the Chamber harassed. We respectfully ask that if a volunteer knows someone else is already speaking to the prospect, that prospect does not get pursued by multiple volunteers.  This may upset the prospect and also may ruin volunteer relationships.  Bottom line is whoever brings in the check, gets the credit.  If a volunteer walks in the check, or the membership application comes in with a volunteer’s name on it, they are the ones who will receive the credit.


  • Any business or professional firm is eligible for membership; the Cobb Chamber has members throughout Cobb and other counties.
  • There are more than 46,000 businesses in Cobb County – the Chamber has more than 2,500 members. The opportunity is great!
  • Before beginning, check to see if your prospect is already a Chamber member by using's Business Directory or by calling the Member Development Department at 770-980-2000.
  • Former Chamber members must have been dropped for at least six months to be sold as new members again.
  • The Cobb Chamber has commission-only sales representatives on staff. When you are signing up a new member, YOU make the sale. Please don't ask the prospect to call the Chamber main number to get the sales pitch. If you need assistance from Chamber Campaign staff, reference our directory on page two. When you first start talking to a prospect, please ask if they have already spoken to someone about membership. Any conflicts will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Credit Guidelines


  • No promised memberships will be credited, only checks in hand.
  • Sales count year-round toward Campaign production. Any membership sold by June 18, 2019 will count toward your team's 2019 production. Any membership sold after June 18 will be credited toward 2020 production.
    ** Please note only full payment of Signature memberships will count. Quarterly or semi-annual Signature memberships are not permitted.
  • All changes to credit awarded by the Team Captain to team members MUST be made in writing by 2 p.m. on June 18. No exceptions.



  • Only 2017 and 2018 renewals are eligible. Absolutely NO credit will be given for any other renewals.
  • If an individual leaves their team, ownership of their renewals remains with the team.
  • If a company forms a new team, then all eligible renewals purchased by this specific company will go with the company's new team (If the team is formed prior to the March kick-off).
  • No promised memberships will be credited, only checks in hand, unless you secure it with your credit card to be charged if payment is not received within two weeks of commitment.
  • No discounting of dues is accepted. If amount turned in is lower than the invoiced base renewal amount, you will not receive credit.
  • Invoices are mailed one month prior to anniversary date. All membership renewals due April, May & June will be mailed an invoice in early March. All ad renewals will be mailed an invoice in March.

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Print and Website Advertising Sales


The Cobb Chamber has two print ad sales opportunities.

    The Economic Development Guide is a full color publication used for recruitment of business and general economic development prospects. Each year, 7,000 copies are distributed. *A copy will also be posted on the Cobb Chamber's website which has more than 41,000 views per month.

    The Newcomer's Guide is a full color publication provided to newcomers to Cobb via the Chamber, real estate professionals and schools. Each year, 5,000 copies are distributed. *A copy will also be posted on the Cobb Chamber's website which has more than 41,000 views per month.


  • Website Sponsorships have a separate contract! Please make sure you use the correct one!
  • Sponsorships are available in multiple locations on the Chamber website. See contract for location choices.
  • Artwork must be provided by the member.
  • Payment is due in full with the signed contract.
  • Website sponsorships are valid for one year.
  • Please check with the Chamber campaign staff about availability before selling ads.


  • Ads may be sold to Cobb Chamber members only! Please check or with the Membership Department if you are unsure of a company's membership status.
  • A signed contract and full payment are required to receive credit for ads. Make sure you have the contract filled out completely!
  • If the ad is under a different name from the purchaser, please note on the contract. For example: Cousins Properties might purchase an ad for The Avenue East Cobb.
  • Please check with the Chamber campaign staff about availability before selling ads.


You must inform the ad purchaser of the following:

  • Artwork is due on or before the August deadline for the Economic Development Guide and the Newcomer's Guide.
  • If artwork is not of suitable quality, a fee may be charged to improve it enough for use.
  • Publisher will only accept artwork in camera-ready, digital formats. See ad contract sheet for more details.

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Overcoming Objections


  • Your business needs the Chamber now more than ever. Not only does the Chamber have many valuable resources to help your business grow, but they also continuously work to attract and retain businesses in Cobb, which brings more jobs and strengthens our economy. The Chamber needs your support to help grow this economy and make it stronger.
  • You can't afford not to join. You need to market your business to increase your sales and the Chamber is one of the most affordable ways to do that.


  • Briefly summarize benefits over the phone.
  • Offer to bring materials by and spend 15 minutes talking about the information.


  • Why not consider all of the benefits so you can make an informed decision?


  • The Chamber works to strengthen this market, and the stronger the market is, the better the performance of your branch.
  • Although your head office may be located elsewhere, your branch is affected by local regulations and taxes, you draw your workforce from the local population, and you have the same interests as locally-owned businesses.
  • Taking advantage of networking and marketing opportunities will only increase your branch's sales.


  • Spend a few minutes a month reviewing the newsletter, and get involved when you have the time.
  • Many benefits require no investment of time: listing in online membership directory, economic development, governmental representation, marketing benefits and cost savings programs.
  • Your membership covers all employees of your company. Encourage your employees to participate in the events or programs that would benefit them.
  • We have meetings at all times of the day and night. If one of these opportunities could help your business, could you find the time?


  • The Chamber is a dynamic organization. It constantly changes to respond to the needs of the business community. Although our mission remains the same, our programs are different from just a few years ago.
  • It's hard to measure the impact of the Chamber's economic development and governmental affairs activities on your bottom line – but that doesn't mean that your business doesn't benefit. Imagine what it would be like if there wasn't an organization to speak on behalf of business to elected officials, or if no one was actively recruiting new companies to come into this market?
  • Ask questions about their involvement; i.e. "What did you hope to get from it?," "Did you get involved at all?," "Did you attend any meetings?," and most importantly, "Did you or your staff members attend functions which present good opportunities for your business?"


  • It is good to support local chambers.
  • The Cobb Chamber is one of the largest county-based chamber in the state – great potential to make business contacts.
  • The Cobb Chamber is one of the key economic development agencies for Cobb County.
  • The Cobb Chamber lobbies at the county, state and national levels, which benefits your business.


  • Do you pay taxes here?
  • Do you use the schools and public services?
  • Do you hire employees who were educated in Cobb County or Marietta City schools or one of our universities or colleges?
  • Do you live here?
  • If the answer to any one of these questions is "yes," then you are a part of this community, and you have a stake in our quality of life, for yourself and your employees.


  • In fact, more than 80 percent of our members have less than 50 employees.
  • Many of our programs focus specifically on small business.
  • Each year the Chamber names the Top 25 Small Businesses of Cobb County and the Small Business of the Year.


  • That's exactly why you need the Chamber – to "get the word out" about your business and make new contacts.
  • If you are a first-time business owner, the Chamber can help you develop the new skills you'll need to run your own business, and you can get advice from other business owners through one of our targeted programs.

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