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The Cobb Chamber of Commerce named its in-house art gallery after Marietta resident Diana Brehm Williams in appreciation of her longtime dedication and support of the arts is Cobb County. Williams has coordinated exhibitions in the art gallery at the Cobb Chamber building since 1990. Because of her tireless efforts and dedication, thousands of Chamber members, visitors and volunteers have been exposed to a wonderful array of art from local Cobb artists.

Artists are selected by Williams to showcase their art for a three-month period, on rotation. Below is the artist currently on display.


Featured Artist - Allison Doke

Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, Allison Doke has vivid memories of the flat and simple landscape of the farmlands surrounding the city of her childhood home. She paints primarily in oil but often uses other mediums such as graphite, charcoal, ink wash, and cold wax, combining them to create her work.

From her studio at the Artisan Resource Center in Marietta, Ga. she teaches art to children, hoping to inspire a new generation of artists. She lives in a busy home with her husband Dave, a musician and orchestra director in Marietta, her two children Ellie and Graham, and three rambunctious dogs. To learn more about her work, click here.