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6/16/2020 Cobb Chamber
Cobb Chamber Supports Passage of Georgia Hate Crimes Act

The Cobb Chamber of Commerce has recently announced its support for the Georgia Hate Crimes Act (House Bill 426) and is urging state legislators for its swift passage. The Cobb Chamber Board of Directors provided unanimous approval for supporting this important piece of legislation.

Georgia is one of only four states in the entire country to not have this law in place. Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina and Wyoming are the only remaining states without it.

“It’s important to collectively affirm that hate, racism and discrimination have no place in Georgia,” said Sharon Mason, Cobb Chamber President & CEO. “This legislation reinforces to our existing businesses, citizens, visitors, and potential companies considering Georgia that we are a place where all are safe, welcome, valued, and can prosper.”

The Cobb Chamber is joining a coalition of over 500 Georgia companies that employ more than 7 million workers in support of this bill. Companies can sign onto support at

“As an organization that works together to advance a vibrant and thriving economy, we believe together we must unite in justice for all,” said John Loud, Cobb Chamber 2020 Chairman of the Board. “We must come together to advance policies that align with our state’s values and reputation as the top place for business and workforce.”