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Public Safety Appreciation Week

For the past 20 years, the Cobb Chamber and its many community partners have celebrated Public Safety Appreciation Week, seven days of expressing encouragement and gratitude for our public safety agencies and officials from local businesses and residents. For our 2019 event, Oct. 7-13, we’ve pulled together a few simple ways everyone can join the effort and show their appreciation for the men and women who protect our safety every day.

For a full list of agencies, social media handles and locations, click here.

For more information on how your business can get involved, contact Katie Guice at 770-859-2334 or

Ways to Show Appreciation

Be social. Help us create a movement by liking the Public Safety Appreciation Week Facebook Fan Page. Post your appreciation messages and images here!

Tag it. Share your support on social media outlets by using the hashtag #cobbappreciates, tagging your local precinct, and share our Appreciation Week image on your Facebook wall. You can save our Public Safety Appreciation Week image, above.

Cater a meal to the station. In lieu of gift cards, bring a meal to the station. A warm meal is always appreciated.

Invite a public safety official to lunch. Contact your local public safety authorities and invite them to lunch. Local officials are always looking for ways to expand their relationships with leaders in the community.

Send thanks, the write way. A hand-written note of thanks goes a long way in today’s digital world. For a list of agencies to thank, click here.

Hand out a hug. If you encounter an officer during your day, offer up a hug and say thanks.

Be a proud supporter. Show your support by purchasing a car magnet or by displaying a tent card in your office. Car magnets will be available for online ordering, and Public Safety Appreciation Week tent cards will be available for pick up at the Cobb Chamber.

Deliver a sweet surprise. Homemade goodies are a welcome gift at fire stations, police stations, and any other public safety office.

Take a Selfie with a Hero. The next time you see an officer on duty, ask for a picture—post it to social media and remind everyone in your network the invaluable service they provide for our community. Don’t forget to tag it #CobbAppreciates!

Say it with a sign. Encourage your school or business to display a positive message of support on marquees and outdoor signs.

Buy appliances for the station. Many public safety employees work long shifts, so the break room is a popular destination. Every station would appreciate a new coffee maker, toaster oven or microwave, especially during those overnight shifts.

Pick up the check. If you see a public safety official eating out, offer to pick up the check and thank them for their service.

A Party for Public Safety. Host a cookout or get-together at your organization and invite the public safety agencies serving your area. Public safety employees love to build relationships with the community they serve!

Say it with an ad. Run an advertisement showing your support on your website or in a local publication.

Give them an offer they can’t refuse. Public safety employees utilize community amenities too, like restaurants, shops, attractions and more. Show your appreciation by offering discounts and special deals to local public safety officials during Public Safety Appreciation Week.