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SBOY Application Tips

We're excited you're looking to apply for our Small Business of the Year or Business to Watch Awards! Here are a few tips for submitting a successful application.

After submitting your application online, we recommend following up with Jani Dix to ensure it was received. She can be reached at or 770-859-2335.

Get started NOW!

  • Take your time to complete the application and make each aspect of your company SHINE.
  • You are not able to save your application and return back to it. Copy your application or answers to a word document and work on that until you are ready to submit your application online.

Use your resources!

  • You have more than you know right at the tips of your fingers!
  • If you have employees, your managers, supervisors, etc. THEY are the perfect resources. They are your strategic team!
  • Divide up the application amongst your company’s departments if you can.
  • Ask your team questions right off the application and ask them what they value about the company. This will help you gain a different perspective.
  • If you are a small business that is ONE PERSON STRONG, you’ve probably already dismissed what I just said. But wait there’s more! And those with multiple employees can do this too!
  • Ask your clients! Those who know your company well!

Tell your story!

  • The GOOD, BAD and the UGLY (and how you overcame it).

When responding to questions don’t go overboard!

  • Think: How do I make a long story short in the application?
  • If there is too much information it may be skimmed and the judges may not get the most important part of your answer.
  • Watch spelling, grammar and use exact figures if possible.

Community Service!

  • Use the community service hours from all of your employees not just the boss or CEO. 
  • When referring to Community Service, these activities must be business related, not personal. Examples of business-related community service include service activities done on company time.