Cobb Chamber of Commerce

Military Family Support Center

Military Family Support Center

1901 Terrell Mill Road, Ste. 200
Marietta, GA 30067

Store Director: Susan Edmonds, 910-330-7954

Visit for more information and sale dates.


The Military Family Support Center is a public-private partnership designed to serve National Guard and Reserve members, retired veterans and active duty military personnel and their families who have been granted commissary privileges. The Center will host on-site sales each month, featuring grocery goods sold at discounted prices, including a 5-percent surcharge which covers the costs of building new commissaries and modernizing existing ones. At each sale, authorized shoppers can expect a stock assortment of about 1,000 items including fresh meat, fresh produce, chilled and frozen items.

The Military Family Support Center is the first of its kind served by the Defense Commissary Agency. The site is located just beyond the gates of Dobbins ARB and is leased and maintained by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce and its partners. In addition to the grocery goods, the Center will offer a variety of services to authorized users during each sale date. For example, health care screenings and informational booths.

“The Cobb Chamber and its partners have led a two-and-a-half year effort to bring this service to our military community as a way to bolster support and express appreciation to the men and women who have served our country and retired and to those who are actively serving today,” said David Connell, president and CEO of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. “In order to bring the Center here, it took the work and talents of many, especially the Defense Commissary Agency. Our local partners include the Development Authority of Cobb County, the Georgia National Guard, and a host of private sector companies, which will be recognized in the Center.”

Currently, the Military Family Support Center is set to operate three days each month. The schedule is available at

In order to shop at the sale, visitors must present their Department of Defense ID card. To learn about your eligibility for authorized shopping, visit