Cobb Chamber of Commerce


Federal Legislative Agenda

The 2021 Federal Legislative Agenda for the Cobb Chamber represents our commitment to advance a vibrant and thriving economy by enhancing the business climate and quality of life for Cobb County, the region and the state of Georgia. Most of our members are small businesses, and our agenda addresses the key concerns from more than 2,600 member organizations representing over 18,000 business leaders. As a member of the Georgia Congressional Delegation, your attention to these issues is critical. We thank you for your service to our state and our nation.

Rebuilding Our Economy

Our nation’s job creators, mostly small businesses, have endured an economic calamity unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes. As the pandemic continues to impact our community while our businesses are rebuilding, we believe actions should be taken now to protect our future economy and avoid increased burdens upon job creators. To that end, we ask the following:

  • Oppose any legislation which increase levels of inflationary spending, imposes tax increases, including increases in marginal tax rates, inheritance taxes, and capital gains or that would negatively impact economic growth, job creation and competitiveness.
  • Oppose programs which create hurdles for businesses to hire and retain critical talent.
  • Support legislation reducing the cost of time resources and reduces regulatory constraints on small businesses.
  • Continue support for funding small and midsize employers.
  • Continue support for the expansion of high-quality childcare and K-12 programs, and federal legislation that funds higher education.
  • Provide continued support for apprenticeship and job training programs that incentivize employment and better prepare our citizens for the workforce challenges now and ahead.
  • Support federal funding for community level grants that assist entrepreneurs and small business start-ups.
  • Support legislation which allows providers to use current Provider Relief Funds (PRF) through December 2021 or the end of the public health emergency, whichever is later. Also urge the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to make certain COVID-19 waivers are permanent for our hospital and health systems.
  • Support the INFORM Consumers Act of 2021, allowing for fairness in online retail marketplaces for consumers.
  • Support tax policy and legislation allowing for manufacturing and technology companies to deduct its research and development expenses in the year incurred.
  • Support clarification to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) credits clause so that it will not apply to forgiven PPP loans.
  • Support liability protection legislation for business against frivolous lawsuits in a pandemic environment.
  • Support federal funding for COVID-19 testing, treatment, vaccine and tracing for state and local governments.

Infrastructure and Transportation

At the Cobb Chamber, we believe infrastructure, transportation and mobility investments are a core function of the federal government and critical to the long-term stability of our county, region and state. We also view it as a partnership, and our local and state governments are making significant investments to provide matching funds to move critical projects forward. Modernization of telecommunications and energy infrastructure along with support for smart technology along our corridors are keys to advancing our community, state and nation. We respectfully ask for:

  • Support of the $579 billion infrastructure legislation drafted by and passed in a bipartisan manner by the U.S. Senate and supported by President Joe Biden.
  • Reauthorize the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which expires on Sept. 30, 2021.
  • Support efforts to sustain and enhance investments in transportation to move goods and people efficiently and effectively.
  • Support Georgia’s Major Mobility Investment Program (MMIP), the 10-year, $10B effort to build Managed Lanes along I-75/I-285/400/I-85.
    • Approve legislation allowing greater flexibility in federal funding programs for multimodal options incorporating both highway and transit elements.
  • Support the following Cobb County projects¬† to improve mobility for our county and region:
    • Cobb Pkwy at McCollum Pkwy Realignment/Airport Runway Safety Area
    • East-West Connector Corridor Improvements
    • Johnson Ferry Rd at Roswell Rd/SR120 Safety and Operational Improvements
    • I-285 at South Cobb Drive Interchange
    • Chattahoochee River Trail
    • Marietta Transfer Center
    • Cumberland Transfer Center
    • Big Shanty Widening project

Dobbins Air Reserve Base

As an integral part of our national security, readiness, and responsiveness, Dobbins Air Reserve Base is home to the 94th Airlift Wing, the 22nd Air Force Headquarters, the Georgia National Guard Headquarters, Navy Operational Support Center Atlanta, units of the Army Reserve, Marine Reserve, and Civil Air Patrol. It also hosts many civilian partners, including Lockheed Martin and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). Dobbins has more than 5,000 assigned military members, including all branches of the military. Dobbins is also the servicing installation for more than 400,000 eligible beneficiaries in the greater Atlanta region, including retirees from all services. Our main requests for Dobbins Air Reserve Base are:

  • Support of a federal budget covering the cost of our military and allow for its modernization and training.
  • Support of the current missions and resources both on and connected to Dobbins Air Reserve Base, as well as support for future mission growth.
  • Support for the availability of TRICARE Reserve Select Insurance for Air Force Reservists who are also federal civilian employees, a large population in our community.
  • Support of C-130J annual Congressional add for the Air National Guard (four to eight aircraft), Air Force Reserve (four aircraft), Coast Guard (one aircraft) and Navy Reserve (two aircraft). These aircraft are essential to maintaining a minimally healthy annual level of production of 16 C-130J variants at Lockheed Martin Corporation in Marietta, Georgia.
    • We urge the Congress to act now to increase both the Congressional add and the budgeted C-130Js to protect the only tactical airlifter made in the USA, supporting 10,000+ direct and indirect jobs in Georgia and 33,000+ across the country.
  • Support the United States Air Force in honoring their basing commitment of C-130J aircraft for the Georgia National Guard in Savannah.