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Tips for Selling Cobb Chamber Memberships

  • Any business or professional firm is eligible for membership; the Cobb Chamber has members throughout Cobb and other counties.
  • There are more than 46,000 businesses in Cobb County – the Chamber has more than 2,500 members. The opportunity is great!
  • Before beginning, check to see if your prospect is already a Chamber member by using's Business Directory or by calling the Member Development Department at 770-980-2000.
  • Former Chamber members must have been dropped for at least six months to be sold as new members again.
  • The Cobb Chamber has commission-only sales representatives on staff. When you are signing up a new member, YOU make the sale. Please don't ask the prospect to call the Chamber main number to get the sales pitch. If you need assistance from Chamber Campaign staff, reference our directory on page two. When you first start talking to a prospect, please ask if they have already spoken to someone about membership. Any conflicts will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Best Prospects are:
    - Your own clients and customers
    - Your competitors
    - Your company's vendors (ask purchasing manager or accountant for a list)
    - Other companies in your office building or complex
    - Relatives, neighbors and friends
    - Your "personal accounts payable" list (your doctor, dentist, dry cleaners, vet, lawyer, etc.)
    - Referrals – you should ask everyone – companies you've just sold memberships, people you know who are already members, friends, family, coworkers, other companies' vendors, etc.
    - Professional and civic organizations
    - Special interest associations
    - Directories – trade associations, industrial parks, professional associations
    - Newspaper business sections


Tips for Selling Print Advertising

  • Both of our print publications are printed once a year in January.
  • They are also posted on our website so advertisers get exposure in the print copies we distribute as well as on online.
  • The Insight Guide is a visitor and newcomer guide that focus on new residents relocating to Cobb County and visitors coming to Cobb County. We print 5,000 copies of this publication and distribute them through real estate professionals, welcome centers and direct requests to the Chamber for relocation information. Think about the things you would need if you were relocating- utilities, heating & air, security systems, religious organizations, financial institutions these businesses would be great prospects for this publication!
  • The Economic Development Guide is used by economic development professionals to attract and inform corporate and commercial clients considering relocating to Cobb County. We print 7,000 copies of this publication.


Tips for Selling Web Advertising

  • Web ads are a great online marketing tool that allow members to track their return on investment. We can provide them with a report of how many times their ad was viewed and how many times their ad was clicked. (Clicking on an ad will take the viewer to the advertisers webpage of choice).
  • Web ads go live on our website within 24 hours of receiving the artwork. This means the member can start receiving the benefit of advertising almost immediately.
  • Web ads are good for one year from the date the ad goes live on our website. During that time the advertisers can change out the artwork as often as they want. If they want to advertise a special promotion and then change the artwork to a different message later they can do that! In fact, online advertising is a great way to promote special deals and events!
  • The Top of Category option in our online business directory is a great inexpensive way for members to stand out in their category. This option guarantees that the member is always listed at the top of their category instead of in alphabetical order.
  • A business profile is another great way for a member to stand out. For $50 the member gets a brief description (max of 250 characters) and an extended description (no maximum) that will be posted on their listing on our online business directory.
  • We also have options available for members to advertise in our e-communications that go out to over 10,000 people.