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Teacher For a Day

As a Teacher for a Day, Cobb County business leaders are given the opportunity to work side-by-side a Teacher of the Year at a post-secondary, Cobb County or Marietta City school for a day. Participants gain firsthand knowledge of the challenges and strengths local educators face on a daily basis.

The 2018 program will take place the week of Monday, February 5 – Friday, February 9 in both Cobb County and Marietta City Schools. The teacher and participant will connect at the beginning of the week and select the date that would be best for them. The program requires the commitment of a half workday.


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“I had many favorite moments in the classroom with Dr. Dantzler for Teacher for a Day.  I enjoyed the reading sessions with Dr. Dantzler’s kindergarten students.  After reading a book to the students Dr. Dantzler reinforced the prior day’s lesson on letter sounds and introduced two new letters.  Along with frequent praise and encouragement, Dr. Dantzler sung a song and used pictures associated with the letter sound.  Best of all was the “thank you for visiting my class” from the students.”- Deborah Pendergrass, Georgia Power

For more information on the Teacher for a Day program, contact Katie Guice at 770-859-2334 or