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The Cobb Chamber’s annual Public Safety Appreciation Breakfast and Appreciation Week allows the community to pay tribute to all public safety personnel. To kick off the highly anticipated week, the community attends the Public Safety Breakfast and celebrates the public safety nominees. A highlight of the breakfast is the presentation of the Public Safety Employee of the Year award and additional awards of Merit, Valor or Distinguished Achievement.

Help us show our appreciation to our nominees and all other public safety heroes during Public Safety Appreciation Week. Appreciation Week gives the community the opportunity to ban together and show appreciation, not only to the nominees, but to all the hard-working public safety personnel from National Park Services to the Georgia National Guard. Business groups, community groups, students and more get together to make and deliver gift baskets, write thank you letters to personnel, catered food or snacks and put messages on their social media or marquees to celebrate and thank public safety agencies throughout Cobb and in Georgia.

For more information or to sponsor this event, contact Kaite Guice at 770-859-2334 or

View the 2018 Nominees!

Award Criteria and Eligibility

Nominations for the 2019 Public Safety awards have now closed.

Unless otherwise noted, nominations should be for actions that occurred between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019. A limit of two nominations will be accepted per community member or public safety agency.

Nominations for Public Safety Employee of the Year should be for individuals who have:

  • Performed their jobs with exceptional skill, expertise, innovation and results.
  • Exhibited leadership and increases employee morale
  • Community involvement both on and off the job should reflect favorably on their department.
  • Exhibited critical incident management and a devotion to responsibilities

All sworn, non-sworn, civilian employees, communications officers, training staff, etc
  • ELIGIBLE for the Public Safety Employee of the Year award
  • NOT ELIGIBLE for the Public Safety Employee of the Year award
  • ELIGIBLE for other awards, such as the Award of Merit, Medal of Valor or the Distinguished Achievement Award

Units (ex. Bomb Squad, SWAT Team, etc)

  • NOT ELIGIBLE for the Public Safety Employee of the Year award
  • ELIGIBLE for the Award of Merit
  • If nominating a Unit, please include all the names of the individuals within the unit and the main contact’s information for that unit

For more information on how your business can get involved, contact Katie Guice at 770-859-2334 or