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Centelli is focused on improving workplace productivity by automating key business processes. Not only does this improve efficiency and productivity of your existing resources, but it also frees up human workers to focus on more complex activities and makes their jobs more meaningful giving an exponential benefit by improving their effectiveness. Overall, a win-win!

Our solution, Digital Workers, works just like a person and operates with existing computing applications without needing any change. Our customers have seen a step change in customer experience, business performance and employee satisfaction as a result of:

  • Scalability: digital workers can scale on demand
  • Accuracy: 100% error free processes
  • 24x7 operation without needing a break improving customer service and business process performance
  • Rapid deployment: measured in days and weeks
  • Insight: a digital worker can log process metrics that give greater insight to making rapid business decisions

Our mantra: if you hate it, automate it!

Centelli’s Digital Worker solution is your answer to business processes that are analogue as a result of human workforce needing to join the dots to make it complete. One of our customers described digital workers as the answer to “Swivel-chair integration”. Another described it as “… taking the bots out of humans”. While a CEO described as “… providing an assistant to each employee at a fraction of the cost while significantly providing a productivity boost to the overall operations”.

Digital Workers are setup similar to a human worker. They are:

  • Given IT infrastructure like a laptop
  • Trained on the business process
  • Monitored

The difference to Humans is that they work 24x7 without losing focus or making mistakes. As a result, their throughput is about 15x that of a human.

Once deployed, just like a human worker, a digital worker can provide information on transactions processed on email or log in a spreadsheet or update a database that can be used to generate reports/dashboards.

Most of our customers look at Digital Workers as augmenting their existing teams to become more productive or to scale the operations without the need to add additional resources.

Why Centelli

Centelli is comprised of passionate individuals who like to deliver results. We believe in complementing a customer’s knowledge/skills with our own. Our experience in business helps us understand the customers business process and our expertise in delivering solutions globally enables us to ensure outcome-oriented results. Unlike traditional consulting companies, we are happy to work on engagement models that reduce your risks and ensure benefits. That is our confidence in our ability to deliver results!

If you are doing activities that in an ideal world you wouldn’t be doing – get in touch! Let's see if Digital Workers can make the pain go away!  We offer a free Proof of Concept to qualified members of Cobb Chamber.

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