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Workforce Development

Good workforce development is good economic development.

When Cobb’s Competitive EDGE was launched to stimulate the economy and create jobs, the need for a skilled and educated workforce was identified as a critical component of that effort. With one of the largest, most comprehensive, and most competitive educational communities in the southeast, Cobb is constantly providing our local business community with the talent they are looking for—and that is important now more than ever.

Site selectors across the nation have found that the availability of skilled workers has become the top priority of businesses looking to relocate or expand into a new community—outranking incentives and all other economic factors. An educational infrastructure that is prepared to adapt to the changing needs of industry can be a powerful force in the recruitment, growth, and retention of local businesses. That’s where the adage “Good workforce development is good economic development” came from—but in Cobb, we believe the reverse is also true.

Good economic development is good workforce development.

As Cobb continues to experience tremendous growth and success in economic development, the Cobb Chamber is committed to ensuring that students are among the foremost beneficiaries of that success. In 2015, we launched the Cobb Workforce Partnership—a coalition of both Cobb County and Marietta City Schools, Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee Technical College, Georgia Highlands College, Life University, CobbWorks, and over 30 Cobb businesses—as a unified commitment to identify and address the workforce needs of our business community and to establish a pipeline of job-ready workers in Cobb.

A community is only as strong as its people, and we aim to ensure that every Cobb student is given the skills they need to be a Cobb employee—connecting courses with career pathways, putting education in context, and pairing academic concepts with real-world application. As Cobb students continue to set themselves apart, businesses will increasingly find Cobb an attractive place to call home; and as Cobb businesses continue to engage in education and skills training, our students are given even greater chances to succeed and connect with valuable career opportunities.