Cobb Chamber of Commerce

Economic Development

Business Relocation

The Cobb Chamber of Commerce is here to help you in making the best decisions for your business, and then to continue to serve you as a member of our vibrant business community.

We offer a variety of programs, services and incentives that can assist you if you are considering locating in Cobb. The Development Authority of Cobb County, the Chamber’s close working relationship with the Cobb County Economic Development Department, our Walter Kelly Sr. Business Resource Center, and our full time, professional staff in the areas of education, transportation, leadership development and business services combine to offer you a comprehensive range of business-oriented services.

Under the terms of the Economic Development Incentives Ordinance of Cobb County, the following support and incentives may be offered to qualifying companies:

  • No site or structural review fees
  • No development impact fees for transportation, parks, public safety and libraries.
  • Financing at the prime interest rate of the System Development Fee over a three to five year period
  • Business license fees will be capped at $1,000 a year for first three years
  • Building permit fees, which are based on $6 per $1,000 construction cost, will be waived for amount over $5,000
  • Freeport inventory tax exemption which exempts qualifying inventories 100% from property tax. All inventories of manufacturers are exempt and products from outside Georgia temporarily stored in the state but shipped to destinations out of state are also exempt. This exemption must be applied for by April 1, of each calendar year to apply.

State incentives:

  • Companies creating 25 or more new jobs may be eligible for $1,250 per job tax credit for five years in compliance with the BEST program in the State of Georgia.
  • Qualifying companies may receive free job training through the Quickstart program in the State.
  • Companies may qualify for investment tax credits or other capital improvement credits through the BEST program.

Other advantages of Cobb County:

  • County offers one-stop permitting and was voted best government in metro area by business leaders
  • Three four-year colleges and two technical schools provide an educated work force
  • Low insurance rating (3)
  • Award winning school system rated in top 10% by national standardized test scores
  • Ranked the most educated county in Georgia and the 15th most educated county in the nation by the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Suburban transit system provides inter and intra county movement.
  • Multi million dollar bond referendum met with voter approval for parks and recreation program
  • One percent of county sales tax goes toward education improvements