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Campaign Big Trip

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – July 15-19, 2018
Majestic Mirage

Join the Campaign Leadership and other community volunteers on a four night trip to the Majestic Mirage Resort, an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Be ready for loads of fun! This is a wonderful opportunity to hang out with old and new friends alike – and there is plenty of time to do your own thing, too. The trip includes round-trip airfare, transfers, accommodations, taxes and fees for two. Click here to download the trip flyer.


How can you go?

Earn Your Spot

  • Team members – Earn your spot by selling $16,000 in new members, eligible renewals (2016 & 2017), ads and ad renewals by June 21, 2018.  If you cannot go on the scheduled dates, you must choose another prize.
  • Individual Producers with over $25,0000:
    • $25,000 in production earns individuals a “Campaign Achievement Award” which will be given at Annual Dinner. 
    • $25,000 in individual production means you can choose a prize off the board in addition to receiving the Big Trip.
  • Team Captains – Earn your trip spot by meeting your team goal of $25,000 or more by the June 21 final turn-in.
    • You cannot choose the Big Trip as your prize for individual production, but you can choose another prize.
    • If you cannot go on the scheduled dates, you must forfeit the trip.
    • If a team has more than one team captain, one team captain qualifies for each $25,000 in production.
    • Top Producer of the overall campaign will receive an upgraded room on the trip.

  • For teams with only one person acting as Team Captain, Team Executive and sole producer, if $16,000 in production is reached, they are eligible to go on the Big Trip as their only prize.
  • Due to IRS regulations, all Big Trip attendees must receive a 1099 Form.

Win Your Spot – You can still win your spot on the BIG TRIP without producing $16,000!

  • Big Trip Individual Drawing – Anyone who sells at least three new members will have their name put in the Big Trip drawing, which will be awarded at the Final Celebration. Each new member after three will allow your name to go in the drawing additional time. Your name may go in the drawing as many times as you earn.
  • Big Trip Team Drawing – Teams with a goal of less than $25,000 (minimum goal of $10,000) who meet their goal
    are also placed in a separate drawing. One person from the team selected goes on the trip.