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Membership Campaign

Dear Campaign Volunteers,

For the 2018 Membership Campaign theme, we’re going back to the basics, reminding everyone of the power of our organization. “Chamber Connects” speaks directly to how joining the Cobb Chamber expands your business network, drives growth for the community and unites us all in a voice for pro-business advocacy.

We’ve assembled a team to connect you with resources to meet your individual and team goals throughout the campaign. I encourage you to seek out your 2018 Division Chairs for advice, troubleshooting ideas, and support on key sales meetings. Here are the 2018 Campaign Division Chairs:

    Orange—Lisa Crossman
    Black—Mandy Burton
    Blue—Terri Bunten-Guthrie
    Yellow—Nurdan Cornelius
    Red—Al Martin

As part of the “Chamber Connects” mentality, the Cobb Chamber Staff has created a closed group on Facebook to keep everyone engaged, informed and, most importantly, encouraged. Everyone is welcome to join the group and contribute content! Social media is a huge connection point for everyone, and I’m highly encouraging you to share posts on your preferred social media platform about your Chamber experience. Let your friends know how the Chamber supports your business and post pictures with fellow members and at events—let’s boost everyone’s production!

Let’s get LOUD and I can’t wait to celebrate with you at our victory celebration!

John Loud
2018 Campaign Chair