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Membership Campaign

Dear Team Members,

Welcome to the playing field, the 2017 Cobb Chamber has game! This year, our Membership Campaign invites you to participate in a spirited competition, one that will put your deal-closing strength and sales endurance to the test. While we may compete individually, together we are working toward a common goal: to raise $800,000 and gain 200 new members for the Cobb Chamber. I would like to thank you on behalf of our 2017 Cobb Chamber Chair Gary Bottoms, the Cobb Chamber's Board of Directors and Campaign Membership Committee for accepting this challenge and going for the goal!

What's a competition without a rousing cheering section? As a Chamber campaign participant, you'll be coached and supported by five team leaders and the Chamber's Campaign Staff. These individuals are available to offer support, ideas and to join you on key sales calls. Here are your 2017 Division Chairs:

  • Basketball (Orange) -- Sandy Woltering
  • Lacrosse (Blue) -- Nurdan Cornelius
  • Football (Yellow) -- Tracy Rathbone
  • Soccer (Black) -- Al Martin
  • Baseball (Red) -- Mandy Burton

Let's do what we do best—break records and share the value of Cobb Chamber membership with new member businesses. Our kick off ceremony is set for March 6 at the First Monday Breakfast. The competition continues until the big trip in July at Sandals Ochi Beach Resort.

Let the games begin,

Mitch Rhoden
2017 Campaign Chair