Cobb Chamber of Commerce


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Chamber Calendar


Event DateApptEvent Name
8/22/2016   Public Safety Supporter Sign Order Form
9/6/2016   Business Builders
9/7/2016   2016 Cobb Chamber Washington Fly-In
9/7/2016   HCA Guard Day (Military and Guest)
9/8/2016   Business After Hours
9/12/2016   First Monday Breakfast
9/13/2016   Business Builders
9/13/2016   Cobb Young Professionals September Social at Red Hare Brewing
9/14/2016   Northwest Cobb Area Council
9/19/2016   Cobb Chamber/WellStar Business Open Golf Tournament
9/20/2016   Business Builders
9/21/2016   AJC Digital Roundtable: Recruiting Employee Candidates
9/22/2016   Honorary Commanders Alumni Luncheon
9/22/2016   Marietta Area Council
9/23/2016   Cobb Executive Women September Luncheon
9/24/2016   Cobb Young Professionals Volunteer Opportunity
9/27/2016   Business Builders
9/29/2016   Cumberland Community Improvement District (CCID)
9/30/2016   Leadership Cobb Alumni Association Breakfast
10/3/2016   First Monday Breakfast - Public Safety Appreciation
10/4/2016   CEO Roundtable Orientation
10/4/2016   Business Builders
10/6/2016   Give our Schools a Hand: Handprint Ceremony
10/10/2016   On Board Atlanta - An In Town Inter-City Visit
10/11/2016   Cobb Young Professionals Workshop
10/11/2016   Business Builders
10/13/2016   HCA Marine Corps Trip (Military)
10/14/2016   Cobb Executive Women October Luncheon
10/17/2016   Cobb Connections
10/18/2016   Business Builders
10/25/2016   Business Builders
10/25/2016   October Haunt After Hours
10/25/2016   Give our Schools a Hand: Teachers of the Year Pep Rally
10/25/2016   Give our Schools a Hand: Celebration Breakfast
10/27/2016   International Commerce Sessions & Social
10/27/2016   Cumberland Community Improvement District (CCID)
10/28/2016   Leadership Cobb Alumni Association Luncheon
10/31/2016   Cobb Connections
11/1/2016   Business Builders
11/2/2016   Member Appreciation Breakfast
11/3/2016   Smyrna Area Council
11/4/2016   Cobb Executive Women November Luncheon
11/7/2016   First Monday Breakfast
11/8/2016   Business Builders
11/8/2016   Cobb Young Professionals Leadership Luncheon
11/9/2016   South Cobb Area Council
11/14/2016   Cobb Connections
11/14/2016   ARMAC Military Appreciation Luncheon
11/15/2016   Business Builders
11/17/2016   East Cobb Area Council
11/19/2016   Cobb Young Professionals CFR "Thanks for Giving" Volunteer Opportunity
11/22/2016   Business Builders
11/28/2016   Cobb Connections
11/29/2016   Business Builders
12/1/2016   Business After Hours
12/1/2016   Marietta Area Council
12/5/2016   First Monday Breakfast
12/6/2016   Cobb Executive Women Holiday Social
12/6/2016   Business Builders
12/8/2016   Cumberland Area Council
12/8/2016   Cobb Young Professionals Holiday Social
12/8/2016   HCAA Annapolis Trip (Committee Sign Up)
12/8/2016   HCAA Annapolis Trip
12/12/2016   Cobb Connections
12/13/2016   Business Builders
12/13/2016   Leadership Cobb Alumni Association Holiday Social
12/15/2016   Cumberland Community Improvement District
12/15/2016   HCAA Holiday Social
12/15/2016   Northwest Cobb Area Council
12/20/2016   Business Builders


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