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Small Business of the Year Application

Each year, the Cobb Chamber recognizes the important role that small businesses play in the Cobb community and the economy through the Small Business of the Year awards. Nominees must complete the below application based on the Small Business Administration standards demonstrating achievement in growth, community involvement, employee benefits and adversity among other criteria.

Applications will be judged by an independent group of community business leaders and SBA-affiliated judges based upon the specified criteria within the application.

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Be for-profit
  • Be a Cobb Chamber member at the time of Top 25 selection
  • Demonstrate an increase in sales and/or unit volume
  • Have been in business at least three years to qualify for the Small Business of the Year award
  • Companies who have only been in business for 0-3 years can still apply for the Business to Watch award.
  • Show evidence of contributions to community-oriented projects
  • Comply with the U.S. Small Business Administration’s size standards in defining a small business

Small Business of the Year Hall of Fame inductees and are ineligible for the awards.

Thank you for your interest; however, applications are closed at this time.

Contact Jani Dix at or 770-859-2335 if you have any questions.


Which award are you applying for?
Businesses established for more than 3 years should select "Small Business of the Year," businesses 0-3 years should select "Business to watch."
Company Name
Owners/Principals, Title and % Ownership
Zip Code
Business Phone
Business Fax
Contact Email
Facebook (optional)
Twitter (optional)
YouTube (optional)
Instagram (optional)
Total Number of Employees


If you were on Shark Tank and could only say 3 lines about your company, what would you say?
Are you a member of the Cobb Chamber?
Number of full-time employees:
2015      2016      2017 
Number of part-time employees:
2015      2016      2017 
Approximate number of subcontractors:
2015      2016      2017 
Approximate number of customers/clients:
2015      2016      2017 
Facility growth: Have you had to expand your physical facilities in the last 3 years?
Year business was established:
Years in business:
*You must have been in business at least 3 years to be considered for the Small Business of the Year award. Companies in business for 0-3 years can still apply to be recognized as one of Cobb's up-and-coming small businesses.
Do you comply with the U.S. Small Business Administration's size standards in defining a small business?

*By selecting “Yes” you are confirming that your company is classified a small business based on the U.S. Small Business Administration size standards. You must be classified as a small business to be considered. Tables of size standards can be found by clicking here.

Describe your business and type of industry. (150 words or less)
Describe your company's culture in 3 words:
What innovative products or services do you offer? Describe the impact these products/services have had on the market, including innovation, market success and acceptance, competitor's response, etc. (150 words or less)
Describe your strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition, and how that departure from conventional offerings has contributed to your success. (150 words or less)
Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Approximate percentage (%) growth of sales:
2015  %   2016  %   2017  %
Explain the above percentages. If growth has been sustained, explain the strategies behind this accomplishment.  If your business has not sustained growth or growth declined in the past three years, explain the issues which caused a downturn in growth, the problems that your business faced and the methods used to solve them. The “Small Business of the Year” places equal value on growth as well as overcoming adversity. (150 words or less)


Provide examples of problems faced by your company and the methods used to successfully overcome them. Include the details and results for each situation: (150 words or less)


Approximate contributions made to non-profit organizations:
Cash Contributions:
2015 $     2016 $     2017 $
In-kind Donations:
2015 $     2016 $     2017 $
Volunteer service hours that were not in-kind:
2015      2016      2017 

List non-profits that your company supported during 2017 and your company’s role and/or involvement with the organizations:


If you have any supporting testimonials, please add them in the space provided below. (optional)

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Need help? Questions? Contact Jani Dix at or 770-859-2335.